Friday, June 18, 2010

All Shine and Sparkle

From floor to ceiling, Neat Old Stuff is a glittering oasis. Radiant chandeliers cast a gentle light throughout the store from their abode high above the heads of shopping customers. The delicately cut crystals have a loveliness that is so undeniably regal, regardless of the light's size and shape.

Some say that the contents of a woman's purse can reveal a lot about their character, but what about the purse itself? Varying in size, shape, color, and appeal, a lady's purse can give just as much as an impression of their character as the words they say and their manners. Do you carry a vintage leather sling, beaten from years of use and love? I'd say you are a rather relaxed sort of girl, with a special place in your heart for pretty and airy items, such as florals. Do you prefer the big bags with plenty of bling-bling? My guess is that you gravitate towards the fabulous high-heels and love to have all your essentials at the ready; you have your wallet, phone, make-up, book, lunch, movie ticket stubs, receipts from last month's grocery trip... it's all there in case you need it. Perhaps you prefer a bright colored clutch? Girl, you are loads of fun. Parties and hanging out with the girlfriends is something you can't pass up. You are always on the go, and just can't lug around too much stuff. You've got what you need for a great night, and you are ready to go.

Now, what true diva at heart can pass up a lovely pair of earrings? They have the ability to change the entire effect of an outfit, making it more glamorous with tiers of rhinestones, or adding a casual beauty with pale rose studs. Earrings frame the face, like a painting. Lovely pictures have lovely frames, and you deserve the most gorgeous of them all!