Friday, July 22, 2011

My Best Friend's Wedding

I have a best friend.  She doesn't tell me the things I want to hear.  She says the things I need to hear.  She pushes me to expand my artistic horizons and causes me to become a better artist.  I love her dearly.

Recently, she and her husband celebrated their 20th wedding anniversary by renewing their wedding vows.  As a well seasoned, southern, perpetual bridesmaid, I always do what the bride asks of me.  Anything I can do to make it a perfect day for the bride!

She asked me to make table centerpieces.  Oh boy!  She wanted dress forms.  The design meetings revealed many details to be incorporated.  She provided me with paper mache dress forms, a yard of vintage pink satin, glass candle holders and feathers.

Here is how my love for her manifested itself:

Black Velvet Rhinestone Dress Form

My Favorite!  Marie Antoinette White Lace Dress Form

Pink My Fair Lady Dress Form

Pink Satin and Pearls Dress Form

Pink Satin and Silver Glitter Dress Form

80's Style White Lace with Black Velvet Ribbon Dress Form

Another 80's Style White Lace with Pink Ribbon Dress Form

I needed to make one more, especially for her table.  I was suffering from artists block and thinking how am I going to make her special dress form truly spectacular and use the large dress form she gave me.  We called her "Big Bertha."  Well.....ask and you shall receive!  Along comes another artist friend who encouraged me:

Big Bertha No More!  Now, she's Teresita!  A Wonderful Pink Dress Form with a Pink Sparkly Crown!

Large Pink Dress Form - Teresita

Large Pink Dress Form -Teresita

Both friends decided that I should list my dress forms on ETSY!  And so I did......