Tuesday, June 28, 2011

This is What I Do

I've been totally perplexed about what to do in my blog.  I think I'm ready, at last.
My blog will be a little about my brick and mortar store, Neat Old Stuff.

And, a lot about what me and my friends create. 

First, a lot of  folks are CRAZY about their one of a kind treasures, and secondly, they don't want to be copied.  I can respect that.  I used to get upset when other store owners would copy my displays or decorating style.  I finally got over myself and learned to accept the compliment. So, I'll include stuff that belongs to me (that is, until I sell it!).  Okay, enough of that dribble.....on with the pictures!

I use pretty tins to distract you.

Here's how I hide furniture I've not been able to upholster yet.  I used this chair as a table and messed with your perspective with this small chest of drawers.

Here's a work in progress.  My first attempt at rolled roses.

French Provincial Chair with a ruched damask fabric cushion.  I couldn't stand that it was brown and all nappy!  I recovered, painted and distressed it.

Aaaaah!  Much better!

Oh Gosh!  This is one of my favorite pieces.  I have a settee, chair and credenza that were oh so woody, but beautifully hand carved.

I found this wonderful fabric and had just enough to recover both the settee and chair!

See what I mean.....woody!

Being Creole, I'll throw paint on anything that isn't 400 years old!

This started out as window casing.  I added a chalk tray and this incredible cartouche.  Threw on my Neat Old Stuff signature paint.....Voila! a chalkboard.

Lampshade, hand sewn by MEEEEEE!  And, a 1930's pinup girl.  Did I tell you I'm crazy about Marie Antoinette?

This is a bird cage with a giant crown from the 1960's.  I had to paint it and wire it into a chandelier.  Did I mention I'm crazy about chandeliers?

The birds that live in my chandelier.

Another birdcage.  This one has a bride and another chandelier!  (Is there such a thing as chandelier therapy?)

This is a tag made by my BFF Teresita`!

This is a crown that my friend Annette made!  Did I mention we have a thing for crowns?

At first we put this crown on one of Annette's saints, but we settled on Marie Antoinette!  (I think it's perfect!)  Okay, note to self,  therapy for this M.A. thing.

A beautiful bottle by Eva (The Diva).

A fabulous bulletin board by Stephanie.  You guys know her as Stephanies Cottage.


Hopefully, you like my creations and maybe the art group will accept me.  Thanks for stopping by!